We’re the Experts in Paint & Stain

Transform your home or business with a brand new paint job. The Earlton TIMBER MART team is happy to help you with your next interior, exterior or metal painting project. We stock professional grade painting supplies, primer, stain and accessories.  See us in-store for paint, stain and colour-matching advice.

man painting interior wall

Paint & Primer

Finding the right paint and primer for your project is easy at Earlton TIMBER MART. Don’t skip the primer on bare drywall or high-humid areas – it protects your walls from mould, mildew and stains. Primer is also helpful when painting over deep, rich colours with nice, bright neutrals. SICO, MUSE and Zinsser (Bulls Eye) are some of our trusted paint brands and are available in a number of finished from gloss, semi-gloss or eggshell, and they each have options for a variety of applications like interior or exterior projects, Kitchen & Baths, and more. With over 1,800 colours to choose from, you’re sure to find what you need for your next paint project at Earlton TIMBER MART.


Create, restore and maintain the perfect wood finish with Sikkens, SICO and Minwax water and oil-based stains. Stain is an easy way to transform worn wood and give old furniture new life.

person painting metal accent railing

Metal Paint

Corrostop is the best line of defense against rust on your metal projects. Painting metal starts with their preparation and primer products. Corrostop then provides an ultra-gloss plastic finish in a wide array of colours.

Person adding walking to wall


Caulk comes in handy when you have gaps you need to fill whether it’s for a clean, seamless finish or to protect your home from damage, pests, or mould. We stock a large selection of caulk, silicone and sealants for your kitchen, bath, interior moulding and exterior caulking needs. So, whether you’re sealing your roof, kitchen, bathroom, or simply filling up a crack or small gap between your baseboard and the walls, make Earlton TIMBER MART your first stop. 

Man repairing drywall on ceiling

Patching & Repairs

Damage to walls is inevitable. That’s why we have the  tools and repair kits you need for patches and repairs to drywall, concrete, wood and plaster. At Earlton TIMBER MART we patch up our walls with tried and tested brands including DAP, TASK and Richard.