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Mintcraft 8317-B Plungers GT Water DKMSF Mini-Snake Drain Auger Mintcraft 8318-B Toilet Plungers
Force black rubber cup, 9" wood handle. Mini snake drain cleaner. Unclogs sinks, showers, bath drains, and urinals. Safe and easy-to-use. No chemicals and no need to remove drain covers. Insert mini snake in drain, rotate, then pull out debris. 2.50" W. (handle) x 0.25" D. x 26" L. (auger) Force black cup, 21" wood handle.
Liquid-Plumr 01811 Drain Opener Liquid-Plumr Pro-Strength Urgent Clear 01368 Drain Opener CLNR SPTC SYS ACTIVATOR 240GM
Works fast to clear fully clogged drains with standing water and slow drains. Gel penetrates and dissolves clogs. Removes hair, gunk, grease, & soap scum. Safe for all pipes (PVC, plastic, copper, old pipes), septic systems and garbage disposals. Gel is lab-tested to cut away the toughest clogs in seven minutes. Work on hair, soap scum, gunk and grease. Safe for all septic tanks and pipes. Natural safe activator for septic tanks. Generates rapid waste digestion and eliminates odours. Protects tile bed for longer life. Contains 4 pouches (8 weeks).
DEODORIZER GRANULAR 340GM     CLEANER SEPTIC SYSTEM 150GR   Master Plunger MPS4 Sink and Tub Plunger
"Super Odor Grain" absorbs contaminants and bad odors. Septo-Clean' - 'REVIVE' Improves the septic system management. Formulated to provide adequate bacteria and nutrients to quick start new septic systems, freshly pumped tanks and especially those tanks that have been unused for some time such as seasonal cottages. 150g x 12 per box. Convertible to shelf or counter display. Small for sinks, showers, and floors drains. Moves 3 times more displacement and holds a better seal than the standard rubber cup plunger.
REMOVER CLOG 500ML LIQUID     Mintcraft TP6063L Toilet Plungers Mintcraft 8324-B-D3L Plunger
'Clear-line' For toilets, tubs, sinks - dissolves on contact obstructions caused by grease, sludge, paper, cloth, sanitary napkins, hair, food remnants, soap and detergent buildup. NONFUMING. Liquid.?Completely safe for all plumbing and septic systems. Blue cup,19" plastic handle. Black rubber cup, 21" wood handle.
Liquid-Plumr Double Impact Pro-Strength 01349 Drain Opener CLNR BUILD UP REMV 900ML      TOOL CLNG DRN PLSTC UNIV
Double impact snake and gel system. 23" snake dislodges hair and gunk, thick gel flushes away residual gunk. Safe for all septic tanks and pipes. The unique formula contains helpful microorganisms, natural enzymes and bacteria, to break down residue and build up Drano? Pipe & Septic Care is also safe for plumbing and septic systems. Greenlist? certified ? a more environmentally friendly Drain Cleaner Drano? Pipe & Septic Care will help grow the category by encouraging consumers to become more proactive in treating problems before they arise. Consumers are more frequently looking for Green alternatives and Pipe & Septic Care has the unique benefit of being a more environmentally friendly drain cleaner. Moen Drain Cleaning Tool, Series: M-Line, Universal, Plastic Cable, Non-Toxic
Our Price: $9.99
Our Price: $9.99
rubber or plastic available Ultra-fast organic decomposition. Starts working immediately. Powerful patented formula pours through standard water. Safe for pipes and septic systems. Safe on all pipes. Professional Strength Clog Remover.
REMOVER CLOG 500GM CRYSTALS   CLEANER SEPTIC SYSTEM 1LB     Master Plunger MP1600 Toilet Plunger
Drano crystals.  Chews through grease, food and hair to clear clogs.  Will not harm pipes or septic tanks.  Do not use in the toilet bowl, aluminum and the garbage crushing. Non pollution. Environmentally safe. Eliminates odours on contact. Septic Systems reduces costly pumping, breaks down solids, prevents sludge build-up, keeps tile beds clean, conditions entire system. Other uses: Compost Aid, Kitty Litter and Dog Runs, Outhouses, Grey Water Systems, Humus Toilets and Holding Tanks. Designed for low-volume 1.6-gallon toilets. Extended funnel nose design ensures a perfect seal and prevents unwanted slippage and splash back. 83 cubic inch displacement takes care of the toughest clogs, fast.
PLUNGER PRO QUALITY 18X6IN    SEPTIC CLEANER CLEAR 28OZ     Master Plunger MP100-1 Drain Plunger
rubber or plastic available Pour and go bottle, environment-friendly ingredients, can be poured down any drain, stabilization process allows for live, active bacteria to be deposited into the septic system, 3 treatments for  septic tanks 1500 gallons or less. Unique bellows delivers more plunge power per push. Nose funnel directs plunge blast down the drain - not out the side of plunger. Pommel top handle you can really get a grip on. Super-strong polyethylene construction. Fits all toilet bowls.
AUGER DRAIN 1/4IN X 15FT BLACK ENZYME ACTN BACTERIA 500ML    Master Plunger MP500-B4 Plunger
Galvanized pipe with PP handle, high-carbon steel wire. Black. "Super Eliminator". Ultra-fast organic decomposition. All-purpose residential plunger designed to fit all drains even hard-to-reach bathroom sink drains. Streamline design can easily flex under the waterspout to clear drains. Storage bucket included.
PLUNGER TLT 12X6IN PLSTC      CLEANER SEPTIC SYSTEM 1LB     Drain King 501 Drain Opener/Cleaner
Our Price: $12.99
rubber or plastic available 'RV Septo-Clean' Especially formulated to generate bacterial action in holding tanks. Prevents odour and promotes decomposition of the waste. 8 treatments per box. No chemicals, fast and easy, uses water from garden hose to unclog bathroom sinks (1-1/4" drains), showers, bathtubs, washing machines, and swimming pool lines.
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